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three dimensional design

Joseph, Sloane

Joseph Sloane

Garden furniture

Garden furniture
Designer: Peter Clarke

Wood and steel desk accessories

Wood and steel desk accessories


Client: Co-Lignum Cooperative, Bristol for WHSmith


Designers: Peter Clarke




Tensioned fabric light diffusers

Tensioned fabric light diffusers

Client: Eva Jiricna Architects, for Birger Christensen, Copenhagen
Designers: Mike Hoddell, Joseph Ottewill, Aaron Lawton and Peter Clarke
This project was one of many undertaken for Eva Jiricna Architects. It consists of a knockdown modular aluminium framework onto which fireproofed cotton was tensioned, so as to diffuse the light from wall and ceiling mounted fittings. It was taken to site in a holdall as luggage!

Fibre optic lighting, Lloyds of London

Fibre optic light fitting

Client: Richard Rogers Partnership, for Lloyds of London
Designers: Aaron Lawton and Peter Clarke

Developed to illuminate priceless treasures in ‘Nelsons Cabinet’ without introducing damaging heat from incandescent bulbs, these fittings took a fibre optic cable from a powerful remote halogen light source, and bounced it on to the artifacts. The matt black fittings emerge from a black velvet background, and virtually disappeared when seen from a normal viewing distance.