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three dimensional design

Why design?

Why design? Because design is good.

Design should be a central concern to manufacturers and those marketing their products.

What design is;

  • Good design makes ideas tangible
  • Good design is user-centred
  • Good design is clear and simple
  • Good design is a collaborative process
  • Good design makes things better for business
  • Good design is good for the Planet

Better products sell more, boost market share, gain wider distribution, improve margins and open up new opportunities, increasing revenue and decreasing costs.
The risk/reward calculation is important. The greatest rewards possible are from innovative and challenging ideas with higher risks, but simple product improvement – refreshing, or reacting to the competition – will still yield a significant return.

What designers do;

  • Designers will see the problem(s) with fresh eyes.
  • Designers see a way through all the challenges involved.
  • Designers will collaborate and challenge.
  • Designers develop solutions to problems.
  • Designers deliver better products.

Design is good.