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three dimensional design

Joan + David, stainless steel and glass display shelves

Client: Eva Jiricna Architects, for Joan and David Halpern
Designers: Aaron Lawton and Peter Clarke

Laminated glass shelves suspended by stainless wires, yacht fittings and custom made bracketry. The geometry of the tilting movement meant that the level of the centre line of the shelf would rise and fall. A device was required that would allow rotational movement within prescribed limits and allow the shelf to rise and fall, whilst looking neat and tidy. The main hanging bracket was an elegant solution, where the wire was fed between a pair of rods on either side, which were able to clamp or release the cable simply by rotating the threaded cap (with the two holes) using a special wrench. This also allowed an invisible fix to the wall.

The initial concept from the architect was a large toothed boss c.50mm dia, that looked like it had been copied from a pram!