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UnPluGZ 13A plug handles

Makes pulling plugs easy
Never unplug the wrong item again
Fitted in seconds, no tools needed

There are many arthritis and disability aids that make pulling plugs easier, but none combine ease of use, clean design and low cost as well as UnPluGZ.
UnPluGZ retracts neatly against the plug until required, it is clearly the most elegant solution to this problem available, as well as being the cheapest!

Most of us will need to plug in and unplug electrical items every day. When cleaning the home it might be necessary to unplug the vacuum cleaner for each room.
Often sockets are in awkward places to reach, and the retracting handle provided by UnPluGZ makes this repetitive task easy.
In the kitchen or workshop items often need to be unplugged to allow another item to be used.
UnPluGZ is an inexpensive and easy way to apply a plug handle to as many items as you wish. It can be labeled to help identify the correct item to unplug, write on labels are included, but it will accept 12mm dymo labels making it ideal for braille, and can be written on directly with a DVD marker.

UnPluGZ allows you to keep existing moulded plugs – a much safer, cheaper and quicker option than replacing it with a new plug with tiny integrated handle.

UnPluGZ can be easily removed for fuse changing or transfer to another appliance.