creative block

three dimensional design

FCS, urban woodland design course

Client; AGLA for Forestry Commission Scotland
Designer; Peter Clarke. Content and design; Alison Grant

In an effort to rehabilitate inner city or urban wooded areas FCS commissioned Alison Grant to develop a two day professional training course for interested parties such as community groups, foresters and planners. The intention was to be able to appreciate the need for carefully designed solutions to the specific problems associated with urban woodlands, and by so doing achieve proposals to

  • meet community needs and expectations
  • mitigate anti-social behaviour
  • apply the principles of good design
The course is a careful balance of theory and workshops, where participants are shown methods, and guided through workshop activities to apply them to specific scenarios. There are individual and group tasks that are analytical and practical. Participants use carefully designed 3d blocks to model different possibilities, and animations made in SketchUp give ‘walkthrough’ examples. It all adds up to a challenging yet rewarding two day experience.