creative block

three dimensional design



Graduating in 1985 and immediately setting up in business in Bristol as ‘Designworks’ with Aaron Lawton, we built a reputation for bespoke architectural work for leading UK architects, and became part of ‘Springboard Design Group’, a multi-disciplinary team. Combining professional practice with teaching over the subsequent period, including a designer/maker workshop in Cartmel, Cumbria, and teaching in Bournemouth, Southampton, Kendal, and Lancashire Colleges, until starting out in business again in 2007 with the launch of ‘UnPluGZ’ at Naidex, the countries largest disabled living trade show.


creative block was established in 2007 and has built a reputation for outstanding three dimensional design work for clients, as well as developing a range of products for distribution and licensing including ‘UnPluGZ’, ‘CoverUp’, and ‘myplace’, working out of a well equipped studios and a prototyping and making workshop.


Recently completed consultancy projects have revealed the need for a flexible three dimensional design service for Graphic and Interpretive designers competing for projects relying on diminishing public sector funds. ‘Small is beautiful’, and a responsive adaptable collaborative approach to projects is likely to win out over large corporate agencies in bidding for smaller projects. My years of experience in this field and in working with some of the leading names in the industry means I am ideally placed to provide you with the 3d design expertise you require to not only pitch for and win smaller contracts, but to also complete them to the highest possible standards.